How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android


To browse data from iPhone to Android does have a way that is quite different from sending data from iPhone to iPhone. Now there is an application "moving to iOS", which can be used for iPhone to Android data transfer needs.

This application is officially launched by Apple on the Google Playstore. The steps that must be taken are also fairly easy to understand. Here's how to transfer iPhone data to an Android phone via the "move to iOS" application.

How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android

iPhone data transfer settings

  • Open the "Hotspot" menu on the iPhone
  • Then pair or pair it with wi-fi from the Android phone you want to get the data for
  • Next select the "App & Data" menu
  • Then you can select the "Move data from Android" menu > "Continue"
  • Wait for a while until the iPhone issues a code containing 6 to 10 digits of the code
  • Next, enter the code on the Android phone that you want to get the data for
  • If iPhone hotspot is not connected to Android wi-fi, a warning will appear that you must connect the two devices
  • Select the file or data you want to send such as photos, videos, or documents then click "Continue"
  • Wait a while until the data transfer process has been completed from iPhone to Android
  • After the transfer process is complete, click "Finish"

Android data transfer settings

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the "move to iOS" or "move to iOS" application which can be downloaded on Google Playstore
  • After that, the Android device can turn on the "wi-fi" menu > "pair with iPhone hotspot"
  • Application "move to iOS" or "move to iOS" then click "continue"
  • After that it will display the terms and conditions which are quite long after you finish reading then click "Agree" > "Send automatically" > "When the application is used"
  • After that click the blue column "Continue"
  • Then asked to enter a "one-time use code" containing 6 to 10 digits, this code can be seen on iPhone
  • Once installed on the Android phone click "Transfer Data"
  • Wait a while until the process of sending data from iPhone to Android is complete
  • After that, the Android phone can manually transfer the transfer from the iPhone to the internal storage of each Android phone
  • When finished, click "Finish"

That's the discussion about how to transfer data from iPhone to Android. We hope that our brief discussion above can help you and thank you for reading.


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