How To Block Youtube Ads On Android


How to block ads on YouTube Android that you should know. This is in order that viewing sports aren't disturbed. Android is one of the smartphones this is pretty famous some of the people. In addition to having diverse advantages, Android additionally gives many exciting features.

The many applications that you can easily get now also help various activities. Including the YouTube application that has many users. YouTube is a video platform that you can watch for free. One of them is the YouTube application that can help you earn money.

How To Block Youtube Ads On Android

Why not, by sharing ads in videos every platform can already make a profit. Not a few of the people who use the YouTube application for various activities.

Ads on YouTube can indeed make one party feel lucky, but there are also those who feel disturbed. For those who visit the YouTube application will be disturbed when ads appear suddenly.

Especially when you're watching a video and a fish appears. For that, it is important that you know how to get rid of ads on YouTube on Android. This way you can watch videos more comfortably without being distracted. The method is quite easy, if you don't know, you can see the full review.

How to block Youtube Ads on Android

You need to know if the ads that often appear in the YouTube application have links to content creators and advertisers. This way happens because they benefit from each other. With this collaboration, all parties benefit as expected. Through advertisements on YouTube, if someone watches and clicks, it means that the ad is watched in its entirety.

That way the channel will benefit. Actually to help block ads is quite simple. Ads on YouTube will not block completely. This happens because YouTube does not have a feature to hide ads. It's just that the YouTube and Google apps provide a button to report the ad.

If you feel disturbed by the ad, don't panic, now there is an easy way to do it. You just need to follow these steps:

Block Ads using third party apps

There are easy steps you can take as a way to block YouTube ads on Android. First you can block these ads without root. You can use third party applications. There are many applications available, but the first recommendation is Adblocker Browser Free. You can find the application on the Google Play Store. Download and install it on your Android phone.

Privacy Protection Agreement

The next step you can take is to find out about privacy protection. By agreeing to it means the rules must be implemented. Just click the agree button and next. Please set it as default or not. Using this ad-blocking method on YouTube Android helps you no longer get distracted.

By blocking, ads will not reappear and even repeat. To be successful you need to follow the process to the end.

Block ads via YouTube app

The next way to block ads on YouTube Android is to open YouTube. Please open the application and watch videos from the channel you want. Using this method, it is guaranteed that ad interference will not come. Then when the YouTube channel is open select enable or disable ads.

You can click the tick in the top right corner next to the 3 dots. Block the various ads that usually appear when you watch YouTube videos. When an ad appears, you should be able to click on the ad block icon, block popups on and display all ad blocks.

After following all the steps from the beginning you can see the results. By following this method, watching YouTube Android videos is more exciting and fun. No need to be afraid of being disturbed by ads that appear suddenly. Because everything has been blocked as you want.

If everything is successful, you can login with your Gmail or YouTube account to be able to keep liking and commenting. Use how to block ads on YouTube Android with a sequential process. That way the ads won't interfere with your viewing activities on the YouTube app again.


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