How To Recover Deleted Photos On WhatsApp


Find out how to easily restore deleted photos in the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp is known to have become the most popular messaging application in the world. Besides being easy to use, WhatsApp also provides a variety of useful features. One of them is being able to send files, documents, photos to videos to fellow WhatsApp users.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On WhatsApp

However, sometimes you will accidentally delete some files including photos to free up phone storage. Unfortunately, some very important photos were also deleted. Recovering deleted images or files from WhatsApp chats can be difficult. This happens mainly because you delete the WhatsApp photo directly from the app and the file stops showing up in the conversation.

Also, by default, files may not appear in the Gallery app on your phone. If you also accidentally deleted an image or file from WhatsApp, then you should know that there are several ways to recover it.

Please note, WhatsApp can save all messages and pictures locally on the phone. And, at the same time, it also ensures user privacy by avoiding storing any copies in the cloud. So, if you have not enabled automatic cloud backup then you will lose all your important photos from WhatsApp once deleted.

So, how to restore deleted photos on WhatsApp?

1. How to recover automatically saved WhatsApp images

By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads images from your chats to your device on both Android and iPhone. Therefore, you should first check the photos app on your phone to recover deleted WhatsApp photos.

If you are an Android user then you can take a look at the gallery or Google Photos app. While iPhone users have to look in Photos.

However, if you don't find deleted WhatsApp photos and you are using cloud storage on your phone, there is still hope left. You can check within Camera Uploads, Camera Roll, or similar folders in your cloud storage to find photos.

2. How to recover your deleted WhatsApp photos from others

If you can't find it on your phone, you can check if the person (individual chat) or group of people (group chat) you interacted with has a copy of the message with the missing media attached. You can ask the person to search for the image and send it to you if they have it. However, if you have deleted the image for everyone, it becomes a bit difficult to recover the image.

3. How to restore deleted photos from WhatsApp backup

You can find WhatsApp data backup options on both Android (Google Drive) and iOS (iCloud) devices. If you back up your chats and pictures, it will be easy for you to restore them. However, if you've never done a backup before, this step won't work for you. To back up chats, you need to open WhatsApp on your phone, go to Settings then Chats, then tap Chat Backup.

4. How to recover deleted WhatsApp photos from your phone storage on Android device

It is known, WhatsApp will save all the images and videos it sends and receives by default on Android and places them in a certain folder.

Therefore, there is a possibility that if you have deleted a certain image, you may find it in an internal folder. You have to go to your phone's internal memory then click on WhatsApp then Media and then go to WhatsApp images.

You will be able to find all the images you received on WhatsApp in this folder. You can also view the folder with the name sent where you will find all the images you have sent. However, it should be noted that this step is not possible for iOS users.


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