Onlinebookclub Reviews Read and Know Here


OnlineBookClub pays you to examine books and evaluation them for the web website online. However, the primary evaluation you do is free. After that, the pay is depressing given the quantity of element the web website online calls for from reviewers. 

Onlinebookclub Reviews Read and Know Here

To meet the web website online’s requirements, for instance, you need to make observe of whether or not the writer makes use of any vulgar or profane language withinside the ee-e book and the web page on which it's far first used. If there are spelling or grammatical mistakes, you want to write the mistake and the pages in which those mistakes appeared. If the ebook has greater than 10 mistakes, as a few self-posted manuscripts do, you need to observe the primary ten and offer the information to the web website online.  The equal holds genuine for “erotic scenes.” You observe in which they seem and the way erotic they're on a scale of 0-five. 

Thus, in contrast to reviewing books on Amazon, you want to be taking notes as you examine. In addition, the web website online has a selected layout which you need to comply with whilst filing a evaluation. If you deviate from the layout, your evaluation may be rejected, this means that you don’t get paid. There aren't anyt any do-overs. Reviews are anticipated to be at the least 500 phrases for person literature and at the least three hundred for children’s books.

Pay system Onlinebookclub 

Rejected evaluations also can harm your “reviewer rating.” This rating determines how a whole lot you earn for every evaluation. 

The pay system isn't transparent, however the web website online says you’ll earn between $five and $60 for every established evaluation. Your price will begin low, however upward push primarily based totally for your reviewer rating. This rating is calculated primarily based totally on what number of evaluations you’ve completed, what number of (unpaid) reader boards you’ve participated in, and whether or not you’re posting approximately the books you’ve examine on social media, amongst different things.

A blogger named Tracey Madeley says she’s been at the web website online for 2 years, has submitted a dozen evaluations however has but to get paid. Why? Her reviewer rating (0-100) has by no means long gone above the 35-factor mark in which they start to pay. 

Another reviewer stated she earned $806 for reviewing forty two books — approximately $19 a ee-e book. Given that every ee-e book is possibly to take numerous hours to examine after which at the least an hour to check, we fee this as a terrible manner to make cash. It’s additionally really well worth noting that even as this “club” doesn’t pay reviewers a whole lot, it fees hefty fees ($100 – $three hundred) to authors, who need to have their books reviewed. 

Social media contests

The different manner you may make cash with this web website online is through taking part in contests that contain sharing OnlineBookClub books on social media. Since those are contests now no longer pay, any income right here are speculative.


If you’re an avid reader and don’t thoughts proofreading self-posted books, do not forget Reedsy. Reedsy permits you to set your very own costs and pick out the style of ee-e book you’d want to examine. If you need to check books, US Review of Books, has greater affordable regulations and greater predictable pay.

What their customers say (from Quora)

“I assume the Club is exceptional for those who virtually like to examine, revel in a completely extensive collection of genres, and are satisfied with the pocket extrade and present playing cards as a bonus. Nothing withinside the global incorrect with that. If you’re drawing close it from the perspective of looking to do some thing you revel in as a manner to make a few significant facet income, it’s now no longer a effective use of your time. Just my opinion, of course.”

“They have some of these ridiculous formatting regulations that don't have anything to do with writing content. They promise to pay you in case you publish an appropriate evaluation, however the regulations are so stringent that you may make editorial errors that haven't any bearing at the pleasant of the evaluation and your submission receives rejected.”

“Yes, Online Book Club for Readers is legitimate. I received $10 via Paypal for the two books I had reviewed. I became additionally paid $24 for the retweets, $20 Amazon present card for the Book of the Day giveaway, and some time ago $25 Amazon present card for the First Ten program.”


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